It was noticed about 10 years ago that the twentieth century was already finished while the twenty-first has not begun yet. And 90-ies is a decade of timelessness. Oremptiness containing any time. The parade of retro-styles having started in the end of 80-ies fluently flew into the all-trying-on carnival. Try to get dressed unfashionably - no way!!
The only problem of a trendy person living his life absolutely without a problem is to become one with his clothes, to feel it as his own skin. Clothing is the same skin. Here is the fun -- you have your new body every day, every hour, every second!
However, kaif is not a kaif if it is wild. We are for the tamed fun! Put on new togs or accessories and remain yourself! Find the threads to your body. Every day, every hour, every second - for your other, new body!
Fun is also that clothes' changing is the change of your sexual partner as well! New feelings are experienced every day, every hour, every second! 90% percent of your body are the permanent erogenous zone!
As likely as not sooner or earlier the gender will be abolished. But sex, as a way of living, will be always. Sex it is FOREVER!!
Excited and satisfied with himself Dandy is funny walking in the third millennium. And in this millennium clothing will finally lose its direct meaning. There won't another clothing except that in vogue! Except that from the Ideal Wear Shop!
Clothes that you see - are the third millennium clothes. Virtual trendy people all over the planet are already walking on the site As You Like It..
Join in with us!! clothes..

There are quite a lot images in As You Like It catalogue so fast modems will be needed. Look closer! Almost every picture could be clicked and reveal new images and links between the models.

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