riga project for ArtGenda 2000 Helsinki
MAY 5-28

Riga project MEDIA SPACE for ArtGenda'2000 in Helsinki, co-ordinated by
E-LAB, focuses on new media art, digital culture and streaming media.
RIGA MEDIA SPACE project will consist from several parts that will include meetings within the temporary media lab environment, public presentations, audio-visual performances, party, net.art projects, and live web-tv/net.radio channels.


Riga has its own very specific digital culture scene developed in the past
four years.

Several small-scale independent artists and youth culture organisations,
such as - E-LAB, F5, VARKA CREW, CLAUSTHOME (present in ArtGenda) and others, have established an elaborate network of co-operation in the field of culture and new digital media within the city, as well as on international place.

Such 'grass-root' initiatives, which often are not properly recognised in the local official culture, are those which create a dynamic context for social and cultural changes.

Recently emerged co-operation within the Baltic Sea region is developing under different circumstances -- cultural networks within this region are mostly initiated by governments or official cultural institutions.

For young, open-minded artists working with global communication technologies the idea of networks -- initiated because of geographical or political reasons -- is quite embarrassing.
Therefore the networking and cultural exchange within the Baltic Sea region was in agenda of various latest meetings and conferences, initiated by Baltic/Nordic media artists (e.g. - NICE Network).
While for officials the networks and cultural exchange is just a political tool, the networking for the independent initiatives is the essence and guaranty for the surveillance and future development.

The development of cultural networks is complex process, and it is necessarily to establish a dialogue between artists and decision-makers.

After longer discussions during the ArtGenda workshops, the idea about ArtGenda Open Forum emerged.
The Open Forum will focus on ArtGenda Network future development and it will aim to establish a dialogue between the ArtGenda founders, city-coordinators and artists.

Riga project MEETSPACE will provide both artists and audience with the temporary media lab space where to continue discussions about the
future of ArtGenda Network and its relations with other media culture networks wihtin the Baltic Sea region (and beyond), such as NICE-
Network Interface for Cultural Exchange <http://nice.x-i.net>,
BIN <http://www.baltic-interface.net>,
PfC <http://www.si.se>.


Janis Garancs/E-LAB, X-I.NET <jg(at)x-i.net>
Rasa Smite/E-LAB, co-ordinator <rasa(at)parks.lv>
Arvids Alksnis/E-LAB, <alksnis(at)parks.lv>
Mara Traumane, <mara(at)re-lab.net>
Raitis Smits/E-LAB, <raitis(at)re-lab.net>
Oskars Poikans <oskars(at)re-lab.net>
Miks Mitrevics/RigasZieds <rigaszieds(at)mail.lv>
Otto Zitmanis
Reinis Petersons
/RigasZieds <reinis(at)dizains.lv>

Martins Ratniks/F5 <martins(at)re-lab.net>, co-ordinator
Ervins Broks/F5 <ervins(at)re-lab.net>
Ieva Rubeza/F5 <ievas(at)re-lab.net>

DJ AG <ag(at)re-lab.net>
DJ Raitis
Nils Ile, musician, percussionist

Viktors Sorokins <victor(at)re-lab.net>
Martins Rubenis
Gints Vilks <ginnz(at)re-lab.net>
Jurijs Konrads <kone(at)re-lab.net>

CLAUSTHOME (musicians):
Girts Korps <korps(at)clausthome.lv>
Lauris Vorslavs <laurs(at)clausthome.lv>
Raimonds Berzins

Peteris Kimelis <pk(at)re-lab.net>
Katrina Neiburga <nei(at)re-lab.net>


Riga City Cultural Department
Latvian Cultural Capital Foundation
Baltic Sleipnir
Artgenda 2000