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E-LAB project in Riga on media culture exchange - workshop series []

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    D:U:M:B - Dutch United Media Base – is media artists organisation from Rotterdam (NL), working in digital media field on research and development of -video-audio environments.


    D:U:M:B in Riga: 

    Friday, May 22 
    HAI TEK GRUUV party at club Pulkvedis (organised by Casablanca2000) 
    1st floor - > D:U:M:B experimental video-audio mix & environment  
    basemant - > Sloka Sounds System (Riga) featuring Dj Kone (…we got do jazzy vibe…)                 and - > Varka Crew 
    - > live transmission in internet by OZOne 
    - > real audio recording from party available at 

    Sunday, May 24 
    video-audio workshop (at E-LAB) 
    > experiments and research on the development of video-audio instruments using and developing Mac software linked with midi instruments 
    - > real audio recording available at 

Introducing D:U:M:B - is short for Dutch United Media Base - 
Date: Fri, 17 Apr 1998 18:39:16 +0300
From: (Dutch United Media Base)
Subject: 22 05 98

We are a non profit organisation working on research and development of video-audio environments.  
United Media indicates that we are not limited in the use of one or any specific medium; our aim is to create maximum effect in exploiting video-audio sync while using any instrument or medium available.  

A lot of our experience comes from organising party's; so called "Party System of the Future" (part 1 to 4) for which we created special "immersive" environments using video beams, monitors, camera's and a lot of hardware with especially designed screens and settings. For those party's we invited many musicians and video artist from all over the world (like Lucky People Centre (Sweden) E.B.N. (USA) Hex and Antirom (UK), to join us in a gigantic jam.  

Our background is interaction design and club vj'ing; we work on the development of video-audio instruments using and developing Mac software linked with midi instruments. For this purpose we organise workshops for which we invite other people as well.  

The content of our work is best described as underground tekno - a sort of video terror; we like to explore the boundaries. If we come to Riga we would like to show you a Rotterdam style party; if neccessary we can bring a complete party system, including a videodome (half a football videoscreentent 14 meters wide, 7 meters high) a complete sound system, dj's, live artists, vj's, lights, beams, hardware etc. Anyway we are interested in ways of collaborating since our organisation is meant to be a platform for international collaboration. 

Fax: 0031-10-4230382