[07] NET.RADIO EVENTS - connecting net and physical spaces
1. [lecture]:
a. Net.Radio Days Berlin'98 (June 6-10, 1998)
b. Art Servers Unlimited (in London, July 1-4, 1998)
c. Net.radio workshops - Artgenda, Polar Circuit II, Banff
d. 56h Live, Comm_X_Change, Xchange Unlimited events and festivals
2. [net.art]: JODI 
3. [workshop] MP3 and Shoutcast server

1. [lecture] NET.RADIO EVENTS - connecting net and physical spaces

One of the first net.radio meetings and attempts to do live broadcasting inthe internet from the event was the "Xchange On-air session" festival in Riga, November of 1997. 
It was 3-day event focusing on internet web-casting and real time net audio and radio experiments. 
There were live web-cam images and live real audio stream from various festival events - presentations, parties, net.radio workshops in different locations. So artists who didnít come to Riga could follow the event via the internet.

Rachel Baker/London, internet artist, who didnt menage to come to Riga to participate was following the conference via the net. In the response she later wrote Rachel was pointing out to the feedback mechanism what 'cybers' brings for experiencing the acoustic cyberspace.
Xchange On-Air Session http://xchange.re-lab.net/festival/

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Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 18:17:40 +0000
From: Rachel Baker <rachel@irational.org>
Subject: Re: net.radio


Listening from one 'cybercafe' (Backspace, London) to another (E.cafe, Riga) -  some cursory conclusions:
- live elements are more exciting then pre-recorded.
- a  response channel was needed to satisfy the desire to participate - i.e. internet phone, email
- sound quality was nice: slightly  muffled, scratchy, somehow like shortwave radio
- peripheral noises - chairs, people moving, foreground and background - helped develop a sense of space. (Wether with real or constructed spaces, would be interesting to experiment with this)
- having  previous connections with the people and the place (Riga) 
contributed to the enjoyment of listening in

Acoustic Cyberspace
Developing networks that facilitate audio transmission and feedback is taking a while but could be one of the most rewarding aspects of the Net.
Audio environments work more directly than text and image environments because there is less seperation between subject and (audio) object. This is what distinguishes the idea of  'acoustic space'  from 'cyberspace'.
Sounds illicit a more physical response than the more abstract text and image environments (which we all know can lead to paranoia, semantic overload and existential misery)
What 'cyber' brings is feedback mechanism

Net.Radio culture
To cultivate a culture of net.radio, producing aswell as listening, there needs to be regular core transmission events that are well-publicised
As many more people can access audio transmission through radio sets than through computers, it makes sense to broadcast  locally from experimental radio stations that use net as a powerful response channel.
This does more to embrace the home listener.
However, as ISDN connected spaces such as cybercafes and electronic studios are the key net.radio listening posts it is worth identifying and collaborating with these networks for international transmissions.
Finally, tribal net.cultures (communities?) developed through mailing lists would seem to make ideal potential audience for live transmissions, as the relevant content and style is always already suggested


* Net.radio days Berlin'98

First of bigger international net.radio meetings happened in Berlin, June 6-10, 1998. It was organised by newly established Mikro initiative in Berlin and due to Xchange mailinglist that was used for information exchange and co-ordination.

Mikro is a Berlin initiative for the advancement of media cultures, a catalyst and an open and independent platform for projects, discussions and events. http://www.mikro.org
Berlin Net.Radio Days'99 was first bigger event organised by Mikro.

One of the most significant focuses of the Berlin Net.Radio Days was about connecting net, radio and physical space. Everyday and any event was taking place in an other location in Berlin Mitte.

For example - if one day was held in Mediacube, the high-tech building with good equipment and good internet connectivity, the next day took place in the club WMF with its 'club' atmosphere and djs, mixing incoming net.radio streams. 

Really important part of this event - as of many other net.radio events - is not only the presentations and workshops, but also the parties and socialising with people. Only in such less formal and more open atmosphere - where the sound and screened images are determinant for environment - one better can experience the meaning of the acoustic space.

* Art Servers Unlimited inLondon

ASU - was the conference and net.radio event by and about initiatives and organisations in Europe, which focus on supporting the artistic use of the internet. London, 1st to 4th of July 1998, ICA New Media Centre and Backspace.
The conference was structured into four parts: the preperatory mailing list [u]-unlimited, working meetings at backspace, the conference at the ICA and the net.radio party 'UNLIMITED' at its New Media Centre.

- net.radio panel

Speakers were: Daniel Molnar/Pararadio/Budapest, Borut Savski/MZX/Ljubljana, Gio D'Angelo/Backspace/London, Rasa Smite/OZOne/Riga, William Rowe/ProteinTV, Pit Schultz/Mikro,Nettime/Berlin was moderator of the net.radio panel:

"Let's start to talk about radio on the net. The question is, if the notion of radio is the right one for the praxis of what is called net.radio. We have a range of participants here, who have different approaches to practically define what net.radio is. 
To start with, we just had a meeting in Berlin under the name 'net.radio days 98', and one of the interesting outcomes was the plurality of the definition of net.radio, so I think this is symptomatic to all kind of definitions such as 'art servers' or 'institution'. 
I think we are in a time, where the technology follows the practise, so the practice is faster than the terms, or the bottom goes faster than the top." [...]

text (transcript) --> http://asu.sil.at/conf4.html

- Net.Radio night at ICA


* Net.radio workshops (Artgenda, Tornio, Banff)

- ArtGenda98, May 1998 in Stockholm

- Net.radio workshop at Polar Circuit II, July 1998 in Tornio
- net.radio workshop - part 1 (coordin. by Peteris Kimelis)
- radio AURA and 24h live net.broadcasting project initiated by PK - as conclusion of workshop part 1
- net.radio workshop - part 2 (c. by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits)

- net.radio panel at "Interactive Screen", August 1998 in Banff

* 56h live - Xchange at Ars Electronica Festival, September 98 
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* Net.radio live at Comm_X_Change'98, October 17-18 in Basel

Live net.radio event took place in the former Stockmarket building in Basel, October 17-18 1998, during the new media culture and art conference and exhibition "Comm_X_Change'98", organised by Barbara Strebel. 

Net.radio studio with 4 iMacs and 1 PC for encoding was placed in the big hall together with other locations where happened presentations, conferencing, dinner, parties, everything.
Net.radio space was connected to the sound system in the room and all live stream mixing and real audio dj-ing was enjoyable in the hall.
The live net.radio project was coordinated by Heath Bunting/London, Luka Frelih/Ljubljana, Rasa Smite/Riga and there were many remote participants from different locations.

* Xchange Unlimited in Riga, November 1998

Third international new media conference "Art + Communication III" with the title "XCHANGE UNLIMITED" (organised by E-LAB) took place in November 25-29, 1998 Riga. 
The event was focusing on issues about internet radio development, Interfund establishment, new media culture exchange and networking in Latvia and the Baltic Sea region.
Last day workshops - where the participants splited in to 4 groups - was especially fruitful - the idea about establishing Baltic Sea Media Space and the Interfund emerged.

* Streaming Media at N5M, March 1999

[net.art] '5 min before lunch' 
screening of most interesting net.art projects:

* JODI http://www.jodi.org
"%20SCRN#RESET" http://xchange.re-lab.net/festival/jodi.html
sounds> http://ozone.re-lab.net/festival/jodi.ram


3. [workshop] mp3 encoding and streaming

- Install Shoutcast Server and encoder for live mp3 streaming (for Win)

- if you are Mac user, read:

* other streeming tools - to explore
Free Expression project, a project to develop a copylefted suite of streaming media tools (server, client, encoders, and codec(s)) running on linux platforms
(Very) short story about it (and QT4 and its streaming facilities) on CNET

(with the reference to message sent to Xchange by <Sandra.Fauconnier@rug.ac.be> http://xchange.re-lab.net/a/msg01201.html)

- Ftp Mp3 Project "dBONANZAh"

The idea: "Sola_P., our South American contact person, calculated that one cd (650Mb) can contain 11 hours (ELEVEN hours) of mp3-compressed music. So we've installed this ftp server with lots of disk space, we've given accounts to all interested sound artists, and wow, the result = a wonderful collection of the widest variety of experimental audio. All these tracks are available for free, so please go ahead and browse, download, and listen. 
Below you will find a few interfaces to this project, made by different participants and enthusiasts (come back soon, cause more people will make one; if you like this project and if you would like to help us publicise it, please create your own as well - get in touch with us)."

- Listen Mp3 stream Live
some interesting and useful links:
(with the reference to message sent to Xchange by Pit Schultz <pit@midas.in-berlin.de>)

> cool icecast station playing original releases with requests feature
> here u can get iceDJ, perl scripts for running a webpage/mp3 stream
> xfileget can download pnm files from ra servers
> also get ra2wav here
> scratching philes with turntables on beos - too cool