[08] NET <=> FM, net audio distribution to non-computing devices
1. [lecture]:
a. fm, pirate radio, streaming/tactical media (DFM, Berlin pirate, n5m)
b. net=>fm (Irational Radio, Frequency Clock)
c. DAB-digital audio box
2. [exp.art]: Vinyl Video
!!!. [workshop] live transmission from the NET.RADIO PARTY!

1. [lecture] NET.RADIO <=> FM and net audio content distribution to non-computing devices

* net<=>fm, pirate radios and steraming tactial media: 
(DFM/Amsterdam, Berlin pirate radio, net.radio workshop in Banff and others)

- DFM/Amsterdam
Broadcasting every weekend in the net and on-air in amsterdam's pirate radio

DFM (about themselves): 
"Starting in 1996 and after experimenting a lot with marathon broadcasting over the web in 1997, we became the first independent web-radio station in the Netherlands. Since the 1th of januari 1998 we officially serve regular live programs, an auto-jukebox and tracks/programs on demand. Many programs have been added and we often link to online and live events. Our focus is on "sub"culture/ audio-art/ media-experiments and other creative initiatives not being part of the mainstream and commercialisme.

The sounds which make up our signal are free sounds and voices coming from ALL over the world! From the most tribal sounds you can imagine to the most alienated experimental noise, it's all being broadcasted here. It comes as field recordings (cass./tapes), live-signals (by aether & internet), by independent distribution (tapes/vinyl/cd's) and is performed live. Numerous (sound-)artists share their creativity with us and there's lots of live connections to events, the content is divers and ever changing. We are cultivating audio-art since the beginning of the 80's and only in 1998 it first has been said that this artform is starting to become recognised (..preferably with something visual to go with it :)."

- Berlin pirate radio
TWEN (mini) FM 
95.1 MHZ
Berlin Mitte

this mini fm station exists since 1. feb 1999 
after a hiaturs of 12 years, the first (and only one) pirate in berlin!
content: 40% drum & bass, 30% elektro & experimentelles, 30% garage & house

or litsten live at http://orang.orang.org/perl/ora-simstream?user=pit

- Streaming Media at N5M, March 1999
there was broadcasting in different independent Amsterdam media from various festival events and streaming media workshop (from radio studio, in Paradiso)- on TV, on the net - Real Audio Real Video, in Amsterdam's pirate radios.

DDS 1: Live from Small Room Paradiso radio broadcast also via realmedia
DDS 2: Live streaming whenever there's an event in Paradiso (12-14 march) and Live TV show
DDS 3: Live streaming from Balie Big Hall
DDS 4: Cyberslam Saturday night around1 o'clock
(sorry if those links doesn't work)

* net=>fm: 

- Irational Radio

The World Service ---> http://www.irational.org/radio/world_service/
How To Be An FM Radio Pirate ---> http://www.irational.org/sic/radio/
Radio 90 - Cellular Pirate Radio ---> http://www.irational.org/radio/radio90/
How To Be A Net Caster ---> http://www.irational.org/radio/radio_guide/
CCS ---> http://www.irational.org/radio/ccs/

- Frequency Clock

"The frequency clock is a cybernetic tuner picking up net.radio stations from around the world.
Launching at OpenX at at Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria this September, the frequency clock is both a web project, and an installation.

The installation encompasses a series of micro-fm transmitters attached to computers netcasting audio from around the world. Each FM transmitter is intended to be a physical representation of a discrete step in global time zones, the space between transmitters representing the transition between time zones. By traversing this space while wearing a FM receiver headset tuned to the micro-fm broadcast frequency, the "listener" becomes the variable component of a global net.radio tuning mechanism. Like the vital role a crystal plays in determining the receptor-bandwidth of the home-made radio, the variable component in the cybernetic tuner determines the receptor-bandwidth of the frequency clock.

The web project acts as a tuning apparatus, which switches between net.radio stations, illustrating distinct phases of time, and providing an aural portal into the frequency clock locations.
The frequency clock was developed by RadioQualia (Honor Harger, Adam Hyde) in consultation with Kunstradio, for an Xchange project at OpenX"

* DAB-digital audio box - net audio content distribution to non-computing devices:

“15 DAB Commandments“ 
(FREEBOX´ or ´AUDIO BOX ´idea) - project about distributing internet-radio to non-computing devices - by Frank Fremerey (Bonn)

POLICIES - 15 DAB Commandments (1995) 
"The technology developed for DAB is to be used to bring the INTERNET to mobile users"  /by Frank Fremerey/

More about -> lecture by by Frank Fremerey at Berlin net.radio days’98 


[net.art] '5 min before lunch'
screening of most interesting net.art and experimental projects:

* VinylVideo
project by Gebhard Sengmueller gebseng@thing.at
Video Demo and CD available


3. [workshop] live real audio streaming

Internet radio lecture and workshop closing event
Friday, May 28 at 19:00
in the basement of Tipula the Internet Radio class is holding a webcast party:

real audio & real video stream (starting 19:00)

- experimental music and sound art mixes (by net.radio workshop participants)
- real audio dj-ing (electronic&djs music from all over the world: techno-drum'n'base-acid jazz wibes-etc...)
- music mix: vinyls-cd-dat-..

chat at IRC.re-lab.net server, #xchange channel
or http://irc.re-lab.net/xchange

NET.RADIO /lecture and workshop course/ 17-28.05.99, Tornio
by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, E-LAB/Riga
goodbye Tornio!