at cafe9, prag, october 3-5, 2000
day #1
[theoretical] -introduction- radio started on the net... 

--radio on the net: pre-history--brief radio theory--early experiments--radio art--
--some of early's
--variety of models - how to stream on the net (go to 'theoretical) 
--network communities (xchange)
--upcoming! - first streaming media festival: net.congestion 

--how to be a netcaster-- 
--irational guide-- 
--introduction with real media servers and tools -- 
--other streaming formats (mp3) 

day #2
[theoretical] archives- ...the advantage of 
--ozone'97: data can be placed everywhere--orang: on-line audio content publisher--dbonanzah: mp3 CD project--other archives and models how to stream on the net-- 

--how to encode audio files into real audio (video) format--how to upload files to the server (e.g. orang archive) (digitising and encoding the sounds) (audio files for the web) (how to add sound on the web) 

day #3 
[theoretical] -live and experiments- ...acoustic.cyberspace... 
--live: --b92: how effective can be single stream-radio jeleni (reports from demonstrations)--experimental and art radio projects (police scanner) 
--experiments: --xlr: first experiments on open channel: experiments on feadback and looping--mobile netcasts: from train, boat...- 
--acoustic.cyberspace (erik davis)-- 

--how to do live web-casting (audio and video)--creating sound loop - experimenting with feadback generated sounds-- (hardware requirenments for live encoding) /font>