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Zenta Dzividzinska (Latvia)

Exhibition "I don't Remember a Thing" is a story about time. What do we remember, what do we forget? Where does the time go? Answers to these questions are offered by the black and white photographs taken amongst family and friends mostly in Latvian countryside from 1964 till 2005. Chosen from today's viewpoint and blown up to the size of a cinema screen, they add a new value to any moment we have lived and forgot. They become like film stills from an impossible documentary.

A gnawing stare into personal past tries to visualise the "lost time" as defined by Marcel Proust. It finds separate moments of happiness, relaxation, quarrels, household's chores and everyday conversations that make up the biggest part of our lives, but anyway are irretrievably forgotten. These are the anti-events and small experiences that get lost in the labyrinths of memory and dissolve in theĀ  one-way course of time that proves the law of entropy.

The lost time catched in these photographs has materialized itself as raw, untamed and unstaged shots. These shots act as partisans in today's dominating image culture that is oriented towards visual refinement, technological perfection, spectacularity and aestheticism.

About the artist
Zenta Dzividzinska (1944) is an artist who has been working with photographic image since 1964. Paralelly she worked in the field of graphic design.
Latest projects include "Stone Women" (2005) and "I don't Remember a Thing" (2006).
Exhibition "I don't Remember a Thing" has won "Photography Exhibition of the Year" prize in Latvian Award of the Year in photography 2006 organized by "Latio".

Works by Zenta Dzividzinska are also in collection of Zimmerli art museum (New Jersey, USA. Among most important publications are Art of the Baltics: The Struggle for Freedom of Artistic Expression under the Soviets, 1945-1991 (2002) and Beyond Memory: Soviet Nonconformist Photography and Photo-Related Works of Art (2004).