Zenta Dzividzinska
Album “I don’t Remember a Thing. Photographs 1964–2005”

Photo album and collection of essays
(text in Latvian and English)

Photographs from series “I don’t Remember a Thing” – emotionally intense visual story about essential human conditions – about love and hate, about remembering and forgetting. Black and white photographs show us unstaged dramatic situations from everyday life of a family.

Selection from the series is published in a book – a photo album and collection of essays, where each contributor reflects on time, remembering and forgetting from different angles. Authors of essays: scholar. Academician and expert on ancient cultures and religions Sergei Averintsev (RU), art critic Jānis Borgs (LV), art historian, expert of non-conformist art of Soviet times Mark Allen Svede (USA), philosopher and architect Jānis Taurens (LV), writer and art critic Alise Tīfentāle (LV).

The album is published as limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies.

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